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Payments for registration of either NLCC, NSCC cadets, annual re-enrollment fee payments or NSCC cadet Uniform Deposit.

  1. Using the links below you can either:
    1. Re-Enroll in the division (Annual Enrollment Fee).
    2. Enroll new NSCC (13-17), or NLCC (10-12) Cadets.
      1. NSCC Cadets will pay for enrollment then pay Uniform Depost once BMR has been completed.
      2. USNSCC Enrollment Form NSCADM001 must be completed.
        1. Parents must accompany prospective cadet for enrollment completion.
    3. Pay for the uniform deposit or enrollment per the information listed below.
USNSCC-General Colin L Powell Division Fees


Here is communication from our parents meetings as well as any other important information that parents would require or find interesting.

First Things First!

My son/daughter has just joined. What do I need to do first?

  1. BMR Status
    1. Your cadet was given a CadetID. That CadetID will be used to complete coursework and register for division events.
    2. BMR Completion signals that you will need to pay for the NSCC Uniform Deposit.
      1. Once this deposit is received we can then order the NWU's for your son/daughter.
      2. This is a deposit hence, once your son/daughter leaves the program and returns all of the uniform items $100.00 will be refunded/returned to you. Providing that you meet the following:
        1. Uniforms are in the same condition as issued.
        2. Less than 1 year has expired prior to returning uniforms
          1. Uniforms returned 0-3 months after disenrollment 100% of uniform deposit.
          2. 3 to 6 months will be 50% of uniform deposit
          3. 6  to 12 months will be a 25% refund of uniform deposit.
          4. Greater than 12 months will be 10% of uniform deposit.
    3. Become acquainted with the Uniform Manual (See Important Links). It explains everything below.
    4. All branch Flashes will be issued during drill. Consult the uniform manual for descriptions of the Flashes.
    5. Order their NameTapes! this is a critical step.
      1. NSCC Cadets (E1-E6) Silver Thread
        1. NWU Nametapes quantity 4
        2. NWU Branch tapes quantity 2
        3. NSCC Name Plate quantity 1
      2. NLCC Cadets (E1-E6) Silver Thread
        1. Utility Nametapes quantity 2
        2. Utility branch tapes quanity 2
        3. NLCC Name Plate quanity 1
    6. Once you get your uniforms. Wash them or send to the cleaners. Remember that we get these used from the USN.
    7. Get any tailoring or uniform alterations done.After their uniforms are received.
    8. Trust what your son/daughter tells you since they will quickly become more acclimated with the USNSCC Corps.
    9. Monitor the website and emails for important information, and check them frequently.
    10. Training information with respect to paperwork for them is now posted on the "Trainings" page.
    11. POD is the Plan of the Day for each drill. It is posted under "Calendar" only for the current months drills.

Adult Leader Applications

After completing the applications, please bring them into drill and submit them to the Commanding Officer only.

The entire package must be completed within 30 days of the first dated signatures.

  • NSCADM002
  • Picture is needed and will be taken at drill


Parent Meetings