NSCC Seabag Online

This form is used to request uniform items or to record all items in your issued seabag. All Seabag Inspections are now online. Any and all unform requests will also be online.


NSCC Cadet (Male/Female) NWU

Uniform Item Quanity Size Required Notes
Shirt, NWU   2 Unisex
Trousers, NWU 2 Unisex
Cap, 8-Point, NWU   1 Unisex
Boot, Combat, Black   1 Unisex
Straps, Blousing   2 Unisex
Parka, NWU 1 Unisex
Parka Lining, NWU 1 Unisex
Belt, Black Web   1 Unisex
Buckle, Silver   1 Unisex
Seabag   1 Unisex

NSCC Cadet (Male/Female) Dress Uniforms

Uniform Item Quanity Size Required Notes
Jumper, Dress, Blue   1 Male Only
Trousers, Blue   1 Male Only
Jumper, Dress, White 1 Male/Female
Trousers, Dress White 1 Male/Female
Coat, Dress, Blue   1 Female Only
Shirt, Dress, White 1 Female Only
Slacks, Dress, Blue 1 Female Only
Cap, Combination, White 1 Female Only
Tab Tie   1 Female Only
Hat, White 1 Male Only
Shoes, Service, Black 1 Male/Female
Neckerchief   1 Male/Female
Peacoat, Black 1 Male/Female
Raincoat, Black 1 Male/Female







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