NLCC Seabag Online

This form is used to request uniform items or to record all items in your issued seabag.


NLCC Cadet (Male/Female) Utilities

Uniform Item Quanity Size Required Notes
Shirt, Utility   2 Unisex
Trousers, Utility 2 Unisex
Ballcap, Division   1 Male
Boot, Boondockers   1 Unisex
Belt, Black Web   1 Unisex
Buckle, Silver   1 Unisex
Seabag   1 Unisex

NSCC Cadet (Male/Female) Dress Uniforms

Uniform Item Quanity Size Required Notes
Trousers, Black   1 Male Only
Shirt, Dress, White 1 Unisex
Cap, Garrison Black 1 Female Only
Hat, White 1 Male Only
Shoes, Service, Black 1 Male/Female
Peacoat, Black 1 Male/Female
Raincoat, Black 1 Male/Female


Our cadets are active in the community as well as the division. Many strive to complete Community Service Hours.