The objective of our divisions fundraising activities is simple. Generate enough capital to provide support for:

  • NSCC/NLCC Uniforms
  • Flags (Semaphore, Parade Banners, Banner Poles, Division Flag
  • Cadet Trainings
  • The Summer and Winter Trainings vary in price from $140.00 to $260.00. Sponsoring cadet trainings is our ultimate goal.
  • Colin L Powell cadets are granted a percentage of the fundraiser totals for trainings and reenrollment fees.
  • If your interested in becoming a division sponsor please contact the Commanding Officer. All contributions are tax deductible. Checks would be made out to the USNSCC General Colin L Powell Division.

    Cadet Incentive Program

    Enter your CadetID and depress Go! to see your available award grants (from the Cadet Incentive Plan) to be used towards a Summer TWT or Re Enrollment within the program.

    • All Award Grants are paid out by Fiscal Officer (Instr Behland) upon request.
      • Send Instr Behland an Email copying the Commanding Officer requesting the funds by dollar amount.
    • Cashier's Check are issued for all available or specified awards.
    • These checks are made out to "USNSCC" for Summer TWT use and "USNSCC General Colin L Powell Division" for Re Enrollment fees.
    • See program for more detail information.