Summer or Winter Trainings

Here you may request a completed copy of your NSCTNG 001. Most trainings have prerequisites. The principle one is having a valid USNSCC ID Card. The second is completing the requirements for Physical Fitness within the calendar year. If these are not completed you will not receive the NSCTNG 001 requested.

Step 1

  • If you require medications for everyday or for the duration of the training a NSCTNG025 Medical Supplement will be required.
    • This will require your Doctors signature.
    • Contact the Administration Officer or Commanding Officer by email to request.
  • Select the desired training from the Dashboard - Homeport. See the example below for NSCC Recruit Training.
    • Here you can choose your trainings either by location in a State or by the training code.
      • All of the information in the selected training is required to finish this regristation. I would recommending printing it.
  • Using the information collected from Dashboard - Homeport email the Commanding Officer with all of the detail.
  •      Provided that the current year's PT Test has been completed satisfactory.

Step 2

You must do the following when once you receive the NSCTNG001 from the division.

  • You will receive this via email unless your present at drill during the request.
  • Date section 1a
  • Initial 6a, 6b, 6c, and 6d
  • Sign and date 9
  • Review all of the information for correctness
  • Email or scan the information and send back to the Commanding Officer (fax can be used also)

Step 3

Mail the following items to the COTC/POC listed from the training.

  • Money Order or Cashiers Check
    • No Personal Checks
  • Any other requirement listed in the trainings.
    • If the training has sent correspondence, read it and follow their instructions..
      • Payment receipt that you will receive from the Commanding Officer once your cadet has been approved for a slot in the training.

Step 4

The COTC/POC will also email you directly with important information regarding the training. Such as Seabag List, Graduation date and times, ... .READ IT!

If a website is listed in the "Remarks" for the training visit it as most of the aforementioned information will be posted there. READ IT!

Once you have been approved for the training i.e. payment received, documents received then your orders will become available to the Commanding Officer. You need them signed by the CO and inserted within the left side of your service record prior to the training.

Step 5

You must report to training with your Service Record. It currently is in the divisions possession.

  • Arrange to pickup your Service Record from the division a few days or a week prior to the training start date.
    • For NSCC Recruit Training BMR completion is a prerequisite
    • Updated Report of Medical History signed

Direct all questions to the Administration Officer, Training Officer, or Commanding Officer



Trainings are integral to the USNSCC.