We are the General Colin L Powell Division of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Our division drills on the 1st and the 3rd Saturday of each month with exceptions for the holidays. We drill at the Colin Powell Middle School. The USNSCC (Terms of Use) is a great organization that is geared towards youth of today. The emphasis is on duty, honor, personal responsibility, and academic excellence.


The USNSCC has two principle paths. The first is the Navy League Cadets (NLCC) which is geared for youth 10-12 years old. They will be expected to attend a modified boot camp during the summer and/or winter. Once they turn 13, they will transfer to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC). The advanced training that they will now attend is for older kids and is spread out all over the USA. International opportunities are available as well. These advanced trainings are normally offered during the summer. However, winter trainings are also offered.


The program stresses leadership of our youth. Many of these young adults will be placed in leadership positions within the division based upon their rank and time in the program. This is a learning process for them that will occur in steps and will not be error free.  


Please see Affiliates for a list of all of the organizations that we are affiliated with. To become an affiliate please contact the Commanding Officer using the email address in Contacts.


Our cadets participate in Color Guards, Honor Guards, Parades, and various other events.